Thursday, June 2, 2016

Summer Colds

This weekend we are supposed to have seriously high temps, 110+. I hate summer, I hate hot weather, and I am especially cranky about it when I have a summer cold. Guess what I've got? Yup, runny nose, sinus pain, ear pain, my throat feels like I'm swallowing cut glass, and I'm just generally feeling lousy. I'm not too cheery right now.

I am still sewing along though!

 I got the I Spy quilt top together. I cut the lengths for the backing, I'll press them and sew the center seam tomorrow, and hopefully get this pin-basted tomorrow. I am planning some serious quilting this weekend. I want this quilt done and in the mail.

I still have multiple deadline quilts for this year, more seem to be added all the time. I'm going to have an interesting time getting them all done, because we've decided to do a huge house rearrange. All but one of us will be changing bedrooms, my sewing room will be dismantled and spread throughout the house. My fabric shelves will become a temporary wall to create a makeshift guest room. We debated moving, a major remodel, and leaving things as they are, but things happen, and we decided the cheaper rearrange was the best plan for now. I'm a little overwhelmed thinking about rearranging most of our house, but at the same time, it will make me go through things, and I can keep weeding out things we don't need anymore. I'm glad I already started on that path a few months ago, so maybe I won't have so much to move.

I'm also hoping moving everything will give me some real incentive to get the UFO's I have done and out of here. I see the biggest dents in yardage when I'm making backings. Unless it's a wedding quilt, I don't allow myself to buy backings, I make myself use stash. Even a lot of my wedding quilts use stash if I can piece together something nice.

Having my sewing room spread out around the house could make things harder, or it could motivate me to downsize a bit, and my favorite way to downsize is to use things up, not give it up. Even doing things like cleaning out the bathroom cabinets, and realizing I have 12 half empty bottle of lotion, got me to use more lotion and have softer skin as I used it up, not tossed it. Don't get me wrong, I donate a LOT of stuff to charity, and I'm sure a lot of that will go on too, but for my quilting stuff, I'd rather donate quilts than fabric. We'll see what happens, I hope to start moving things in about two weeks. I want to finish up a couple things first.

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Katie M. said...

So sorry about your summer cold. I have to admit to loving our desert! Yes our days are hot but our early mornings and evenings are amazing... I spend a lot of my mornings and evening outside...
As for a rearrange of your home - sounds like a lot of work! But I love your positive attitude..
Stay cool and hope you get over your cold soon.