Friday, March 9, 2012

Antique Shopping

DH and I went looking around some antique stores earlier this week. I took a couple pics with my phone, of a couple quilts I thought were interesting.

This quilt is really in tatters, horrible condition. What I found so interesting is that the person who made it not only didn't take out the paper from making it, but they used such a varied source for paper. I doubt you can tell from this low resolution phone photo, but some of these papers are from newspapers, some from magazines, personal correspondence (handwritten letters), and even what look like pages from a book.

I don't know why this quilt was in an antique store, it can't be that old. I have several of these fabrics in my stash. I found the embroidered cartwheeling people just adorable in what I believe is a windmill block?

Isn't it fun to find surprises in antique malls? We didn't buy anything, we were just window shopping. I am thinking about getting a featherweight someday, and if I ever come across a handcrank for a great deal, I may get it too. One of the antique shops we went to must have had at least 2o toy handcranks. They were so cute, and I'm sure most really sewed. I have no place to put any toy machines, and no reason to have one if I can't display it, so they all stayed there. I did see in the front case, a jar full of bobbins for vintage sewing machines. There were all different types of bobbins, and if I had a vintage machine with hard to find bobbins I certainly would have looked through it. For any of you who have vintage machines, make sure to ask at antique stores if they have any misc. parts they could sell in another area of the store. These were in the jewelry case of all places!

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