Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ego Boost

Nothing is going the way I plan it lately, and it's really frustrating. I had hoped to have the black blocks done today, then when I knew I wouldn't get that far, I had hoped to get the sub-blocks done. Just to boost my ego a little, and let it be known I did get something done, here are my sub-block B's, all 128 of them.

I still have 3 logs to sew on to my sub-block A blocks. I guess they can be my leaders/enders while I work on the rally quilt.

The twins are miserable, poor babies. They both caught their Mama's cold now, so on top of teething they can't breathe. Mr L is wheezing already. Miss S is still struggling with diarrhea, and she is just completely wiped out. We are pushing fluids, anything we can get them to drink. Today we even tried soda and Popsicles. They wouldn't drink the soda, but they had part of the Popcicles. The twins just want to be held all the time, so the only sewing time I'm getting is while they are sleeping. It's taking two adults to care for them without them completely melting down. If we can get everyone healthy around here things will go smoother. It seems like almost every family I know has someone sick right now, lots of nasties going around.


Mel and Joe said...

:( Sorry to hear they're sick! We got a Vick's vaporizer for Ty's room when he was all stuffed up and it seemed to help him. Hope they feel better soon!

Teresa in Music City said...

Oh poor things! And poor mommie & daddie! Praying for you all to be well and happy soon!