Thursday, March 1, 2012

Before and After

Mr L was looking pretty shaggy, and people kept thinking he was a girl because of the curls. His Mama decided it was time for his first haircut.

Here he is with his new high and tight. Isn't it amazing how much older little boys look after a haircut? Now maybe when people see the twins, they will realize it's a boy and a girl.

I did get some sewing done Tuesday. More than my minimum I set for myself, but not as much as I would have liked. The engagement has been officially announced now, so now I can say the wedding quilt is for DS the Elder, and his fiance! Now I get a new daughter and granddaughter! How sweet is that, a two for one deal!

Today I had four kids two and under by myself, and at one point they all made dirty diapers at once! It was assembly line changing and feeding today! Crazy day, but we all made it through with no real mishaps.

DH is going out of town this weekend, and I am hoping to get a lot of sewing done. Tomorrow is another babysitting day, so no sewing tomorrow. I am exhausted and caught a cold to boot, so I am hoping it doesn't make me so out of it I can't sew all weekend

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