Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Border Blocks

I've finished the 36 border blocks for the pink/black beast! Huzzah!

I've just barely started the blocks in the opposite colorway. All the rest of the blocks for this quilt will be exactly opposite of these, mostly black with a pink design. I need 64 of the mostly black blocks, so 138 of each of the two different sub-blocks. Yes, still lots of sewing to do! I'm trying to get as much as I can done on this quilt, because on April 1st the rally quilt becomes my main project.

DH and I are taking a day trip tomorrow. I have a couple storage issues in the house, and a trip to Ikea may solve them ;-) Friday is a babysitting day, but the weekend should have some time for sewing, and laundry, and lots of other household chores.

I've been playing with my bread machine lately. Every once in a while I really get in the mood to try new recipes. At least with my bread machine, I can be do other things while it mixes and bakes the bread. I made some potato bread, even though I had sour cream and chive mashed potatoes. It was yummy. I made some PBJ bread. It really did have peanut butter in it, but the "jelly" was just dried fruit. DH and I toasted it and used it for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and it was yummy too. Yesterday I made pepperoni cheese bread to go with the cheese ravioli I was making for dinner. Only the PBJ recipe was truly a new one for me, I've made potato bread lots of times, as well as the pepperoni bread. I'm scouting for another new recipe to try. I saw an apple walnut bread that sounded good, but it calls for dried apples and I don't have any right now. If you know of any good bread machine recipes, let me know :-)

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Teresa in Music City said...

Love your colors - that's going to be a beauty!!! Can't wait to see the finish!