Saturday, March 10, 2012

Finally Some Visible Progress!

I sewed all day today, even though I seem to have something nasty, and just felt like going to bed and curling up in ball. It was a "spent entirely too much time in the bathroom" kind of day. Yuck! I'm glad I stuck it out because I actually have something that looks cool to show you :-)

This block is Blazing Star by Eleanor Burns. I bought the Accuquilt die for my Go cutter, and I'm so glad I did! I would have never attempted rotary cutting this block, and paper piecing is not my favorite, so I probably wouldn't have made it if I hadn't bought the die. I think it's a really nice block, and looks much harder to make than it is. I'll have to go with a completely different color scheme next time, and see how different I can make this block look. I think using half blocks as a border would be pretty fun too.

The cutting directions on the package were somewhat confusing when it came to the project they suggest. (The cutting directions on how to use the die were great, they were very clear on whether the fabrics should be rights sides up, right sides down, or right sides together. ) Anyway, on the wall hanging they suggest, they have you make four blocks, and I wanted to use four blocks as the center of a medallion quilt, so I thought I'd just use their directions.

I don't know what my problem was the day I cut that out, but instead of enough pieces to make four blocks, I have enough pieces to make 16 blocks! Talk about far off! I realized half way through the cutting what I had done, so eight of the blocks will have a black background instead of that sea foam green. The sea foam green works with the quilt I am currently making, but it's not my preference as a background color normally ;-) I'll have twelve extra blocks, four with the sea foam green background and eight with black. I'll figure something out. I plan on sewing the extra blocks up now, and then I'll stick them in my orphan block container until I have time to do something with them.

I got all the block A blocks done for the border of the wedding quilt. Now that the last round is on, it is easier to see these blocks will be predominately pink. Tomorrow I will be starting the block B blocks, and my goal is to get those done in a week.

I laid two blocks out on my ironing board so you could see how these blocks will be placed in the larger block. I need 36 border blocks, so 72 block A and 72 block B. For the center blocks. the black will be the main color, with pink accents. I need 64 of those blocks, so 128 each of block A and block B in the other color scheme. Lots and lots of work left to do on this quilt!

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