Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Couple More Finishes

I finished a couple of baby quilts today, one for grandbaby #5, one for donation. The donation quilt Miss S has taken a liking to, but she already has two quilts from Nana, with another one in the works for when she moves into a big girl bed. I don't know if Miss S will be a quilter someday or not, but she certainly likes quilts :-)

This is grandbaby #5's quilt. I tried quilting a watery design on it, and although I would do it differently next time, I don't know that it is bad for a first try.

I pieced the backing from some leftover fleece from another project. I had just enough, and the small trimmings leftover I actually threw away.

Here is the donation quilt. It is flannel from my flannel-busting spree of 2011. The funny thing about that is, I was busting all my flannel, because I didn't like quilting with it, but after making over a dozen quilts with it, I don't mind quilting with it anymore. Flannel is now my friend. I never minded making garments with it, it was only using it for patchwork that I originally didn't like. Now that I've racked up so much experience working with it in patchwork, I really don't remember what it was I didn't like about it.


Here is the backing for the donation quilt. Most of the backing is flannel, but it wasn't quite wide enough, so I added some orphan blocks to make it a bit wider.

Tomorrow the plan is to quilt my great-nephew-on-the-way's quilt.

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Kristie said...

They are both very nice! How on earth do you get it all done? You stay very busy.