Saturday, June 16, 2012

Forward Momentum

I did get some time to sew this week. On Thursday, I quilted up two baby quilts. I want to finish quilting the stack that is pin-basted before I mess with binding. I have four (I think) left that are pin-basted.

Since I got two quilts quilted, I decided to reward myself with a little piecing, but I am trying to be really good, and I worked on assembling the two quilts I have ready for that step.

I only got the rows sewn together today. I was planning on getting at least the centers together, but we had a thunderstorm during part of the time I had to sew, and I didn't want to risk frying my new Bernina, so I unplugged it and worked on some cutting instead.

Tomorrow I should/hope to have time to get the rows together. Part of what I cut was the borders for the penguin quilt. I am debating on borders for the black and brights quilt. I think I need to finish getting the center together, and then audition a few things before I can decide.

The rest of what I cut was the shirt parts I had left out to be cut into strips. I looked through some quilt books of patterns I want to make from the shirts, and 2" strips was definitely the most common size I will need. Needless to say I cut mostly 2" strips from the pile I had out. I also cut some other strips. but I now have strips cut from every shirt I have, so it's a nice assortment. They are all sorted by lights and darks, and ready to play whenever I get to those projects.

This weeks sewing goals are to get the penguin quilt top finished, get the black and bright sampler quilt center together, and quilt at least two more baby quilts. You can see the baby quilt next in line peeking out from under the quilt rows.

Getting these tops together makes it nice, because now I won't have sashing and cornerstones piled in various spots of my sewing room. My cutting table is looking a bit better as well, now that the border fabric for the penguin quilt is cut and off of there, as well as the pile of shirt parts put away in the shirt strip containers now that they are cut.

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Kristie said...

I don't blame you for not wanting to sew through the storm, I did the same thing. I ended up working on my applique.

I love those penguins! They are adorable.