Sunday, June 24, 2012

Needed some Piecing Time

I needed a break from quilting. I really want to get this pile of quilt tops finished, but I have only been piecing a little bit, and that is my favorite part, so I decided today would be a piecing day. I worked on Double Delight Remix, as I'm calling it.

I made a few maple leaf blocks for the border. I still have lots of these to make!

I assembled the center as leaders/enders while I was making the maple leaf blocks. Doing it that way is a painless way to put together a quilt. I got the first border on, which is really just coping strips so the pieced maple leaf border will fit. I plan on putting a third border on as well, just to make it the size I want it. The quilt center is now neatly folded, and will stay that way until I get the maple leaf blocks done.

Tomorrow should be a good sewing day too. My plan is to quilt the last pin-basted quilt. I want to try quilting a flame design, which I've never done before. I will actually watch a video on how to do it before I start doing it ;-) I will be using a variegated thread in reds, oranges, and yellow, and the quilt top is fiery colors as well.

As far as my sewing goals for the week go, I want to get the fire quilt quilted, and bind all the quilts that need it. If I do that, I'll be happy. If I have more time to work on quilts than that, I will likely be making maple leaf blocks, or making backings to go with the next pile of quilt tops I need to tackle. 

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Kristie said...

Love the idea of the maple leaves for the borders. Can't wait to see more of it.