Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas quilt progress

   This is the top half of the Christmas quilt I'm working on. It is not sewed, just laid out. The table is only big enough to lay out one half at a time. I plan on getting most of this sewed together on Friday, and then start working on the bottom half of the quilt. All of the HST's are done, it's just layout and assembly that need to be done. I've had a couple people post asking me about the Thangles I used, and I decided to take step-by-step pics in a few days. I can see in the picture some of my fabrics are reading differently than what I expected, but I am on a time crunch, and since the overall pattern is still there, I'm going to leave it. I think the mixed fabrics show up more in the picture than in person. That is actually good to know. Next time I can't decide how a color will read in a scrap quilt, maybe I'll just take a picture of it and look at it on the computer. I seem to learn best by my mistakes, why can't I just do it right to begin with?

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