Monday, November 10, 2008

luggage tags

Here are some of my luggage tags. DH has delivered all the dog themed ones, so here are just a few I had around. There is a clear vinyl pocket on one side to put a card with your information on it. Other than that, they are just cute tags that help you identify your bags when you're searching for your luggage on the carousel. I would think these would be especially helpful if you have black luggage. The last several times I've flown, there has just been a sea of black luggage on the coming out on the conveyor belt. I've been glad my luggage has green leaves and lady bugs all over it so it's easy to spot.

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Joan said...

Hi Melodie! Love the luggage tag idea and your quilts are wonderful! I'll be adding your blog to the Quilting on a Budget blog site today. Thanks for joining our group -- it sure looks like you have a lot of ideas to share with us!