Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My sewing command center

     The argument over what to call one's sewing room, quilting studio, whatever, just cracks me up. I have decided to throw a twist into it, and call my new room my sewing command center. A lot of my life is spent sewing, so I figure I can call it whatever I want. It is still not quite done, no blinds or curtains yet (my windows have UV protection, but I'll get blinds up within the week), nothing decorative, it's just functional.
     The first picture shows my sewing area. I'm thinking a quilted wall hanging above my thread holders. The second picture shows my cutting area, that folding table I put on bed risers. I still haven't cut anything on it yet, but I did lay out the top half of the quilt I'm working on. The third picture shows my stash. The cabinet on the left has fabric sorted by subject, baby, juvenile, patriotic, holiday, the other two cabinets are separated by color. I actually have another cabinet in the basement, a little larger than these, that is full of fabric, but that is only for scrubs, not quilting. The next picture shows the cabinets closed, and you can see my plastic bins, and my shelves with bolts on them. I bought all of my bolts on ebay for amazing deals. The last picture shows the closet. I have my rolls of Warm and Natural in there (one crib sized roll, one queen, both bought at for 40% off and free shipping) along with my backing fabrics, denim fabrics, and things for other crafts. I am planning on hanging a roller shade with a flannel lining over the closet, so I have a design wall when needed. I will probably set up my ironing board in front of the closet as well, since I do not need daily access to the closet. Right now my ironing board is neatly stowed between the plastic bins and shelves with bolts.
    I don't have everything quite where I want it, and there is still much I can do to make it homey, but I have so many projects going on right now, functional was more important. Since my DH just finished painting Sunday, and I only worked on it Monday and Tuesday, I think I got  a lot done. 
      Today I cooked all day. Thanksgiving dinner is at MIL house, but I am bringing a lot of the food. I was hoping to get all my cooking done today, but I will need to bake a deep dish apple pie with cream tomorrow. I made seven other pies, and I was going to have the eighth and last be a plain apple pie, but deep dish apple with cream is DH favorite, and since he painted my room, how could I refuse when he asked me to change it? I also made double batches of both white and wheat rolls, a butternut squash dish, and dressing. Tomorrow I will make the apple pie with cream, and DD will assemble the green bean casserole, before we pack it all up to go to MIL. Last I heard there will be 26 for dinner. Usually I host all the holidays, and it might have been easier to host rather than moving all this food, but this way I didn't have to clean, and I wasn't sure how far I would get on the room switching, never mind cleaning the whole house!
     Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Tina said...

Awesome room, and so organized! I love new spaces! I have begun to unpack and put away....hopefully by the holidays, I'll be done. It's so fun getting everything just the way you like it!

maria said...

I love the way your fabric is neatly stored.

You are such a hardworking lady.
Beautiful quilts.