Saturday, July 4, 2009

DD#3 in her new kimono

This is the most confusing pattern I have ever made! I kept hoping it would make sense as I got to each step, but, alas, it was still not clear. No matter, it is now done. This kimono is very heavy, it took 5 yards of brocade and another 5 yards of lining fabric. I have only the smallest scraps left. I was up until three this morning trying to finish, because I had promised my daughter it would be done before her wedding on Monday. I still need to make the belt to go with it, and an Obi (a wide sash that goes under the belt). The belt I'll make in a few minutes, the obi will have to wait until we get back from Vegas.
It is a seven hour drive to Vegas for us, so I'm bringing some quilting directions and a notebook so I can figure out cutting requirements for my next few quilts. If I can get all the yardages, numbers of each piece and such figured out, I can cut them out more quickly when I get back. I did spend two days cutting for quilts this week. I have all the strips cut for the Celtic Mystery, but it's not all cut into squares yet. I was cutting strips for several other quilts as well. I believe I cut up about 60 yards of fabric. I know I went through 3 cans of starch! I have several quilts in the works obviously, as well as a few more garments to make. Surely if I stay this busy I will stay out of trouble ;c)

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