Friday, July 17, 2009

Well, it wasn't on the frame, but.....

It's Friday, the day I said I would quilt on the frame. I didn't feel like moving the frame today, I have to push it against the wall when I'm not using it and pull it away from the wall to use it. The room is just not big enough to have it stay in the middle. Anyway, I think it should still count, because although I didn't quilt on the frame, I did quilt this little baby quilt on my DSM.

I finished this baby quilt top a couple of months ago, and just hadn't gotten around to quilting it. That's OK, because now it is quilted, bound, and washed. This is the quilt I pulled off the frame in frustration because I was having all kinds of tension issues with it. I quilted a simple grid on it with my DSM and had no troubles.

This lap quilt is what I quilted on the frame last Friday. I had to make the binding, but I got it bound today too, so I have two finishes for the day! I washed it and it got that great crinkly look. When I started to write my finishes in a notebook I keep all my notes in, I realized I hadn't had a quilt finish since May. If I hadn't stayed so busy I'd say I was a slacker. I know I'm not a slacker though, I'm over 92 yards of fabric used so far this year, and that is just in completed projects, nothing in progress. I should be over 100 yards by next weekend. I'm working on scrubs now, I finished one scrub top today, and will hopefully complete another one tonight. No sewing tomorrow though, it's DS the Elders birthday dinner, and I'll be cooking all day!


Karen in Tucson said...

So nice to see your Blog. Thank you for sharing and contacting me.
Hope to meet you soon.

crazypatch dreamer said...

I really like the string quilt. It looks like an antique. Good for you for using up 92 yards of fabric...I'm sure that made a dent.