Friday, July 17, 2009

I've been busy!

I have been flitting from project to project, trying not to do the same activity too long. I have tendinitis in my wrists and I'm trying to get it to calm down. My right wrist seems to be much better, and my left wrist a little better. I think I'm going to continue rotating through cutting, sewing, ironing and such until the pain is gone.

I made a few more maple leaf blocks.

I finished step one of the Celtic mystery.

I got a nice pile of 3 1/2 inch nine patches done for the extra blocks I need to make for Double Delight. I finished some of the square in a square blocks too, I just forgot to take a picture.

I also got a great surprise in my mailbox! I got a package from my secret sister in one of my Yahoo groups. It is a panel that actually has eight different scenes with quilters on it. It is a hoot!

The fabric next to the panel I had in my stash. It is a queen of quilts print. The greens match very well, so I think this is definitely a quilt in the making. Thank you Secret Sister!

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