Thursday, July 2, 2009

You gotta love thrift stores!

DD#2 and I went running errands today. I had a couple places I needed to go, and she wanted to go to Savers, a thrift store. I'm always up for a Savers run, because they are one of the only thrift stores in this area that sell fabric. Their prices on men's shirts are a bit high, but for fabric you can get some great deals. Check out my latest find.

Isn't this great? Donkeys pulling cannon, broccoli looking trees, castles, toy soldiers, and airplanes, all on the same piece of fabric! I just love it. The tag is still on this on the left hand side. I paid 99 cents, and it's over a yard. I don't want to cut this, so I think it will end up as part of the backing for a boy's quilt.

I originally only had a few pieces of fabric in my cart at Savers. I checked what coupons I had after I made my selections, and I changed my mind. I had a $50 off a $100 purchase coupon good for July. I did not want to spend $50, even for $100 worth of stuff. Now $25 on the other hand, I could handle. Since it was DD#2's idea to go to Savers in the first place, and she was looking for clothes, I showed her the coupon, and asked if she wanted to use it with me. It worked out great! We each picked about $50 worth of stuff, but we each paid just over $25. I added a couple of other pieces of fabric I had debated on, a few men's shirts, and a skirt for myself. Yes, I bought a skirt to actually wear, not cut up and use in a quilt. I've been repurposing so many things from thrift stores I sometimes forget that you can just wear the clothes!

What fun to have a half price shopping spree at a place that is inexpensive to start with! I think DD#2 got 4 outfits including a pair of hiking boots. I got the coupon out of the Savers calendar they sell every December in case anyone was wondering. The funny thing is, I always buy two calendars, so I can have extra coupons. That means I should still have another July one in my purse. I may have to go back later this month with one of my other kids!

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Annalisa Panizzon said...

Have fun in Vegas!!
Nicely done kimono.