Thursday, September 3, 2009

Christmas in September?

I forgot to show my latest Christmas ornament. We always get a Christmas ornament when we travel, but I got one the last time I was in South Africa, so I hadn't planned on getting one this time. I didn't buy any in SA, but my 7 hour layover in London? Well, this guard just had to come home with me! He is really a keychain, and I picked him even though they had "real" Christmas ornaments available. I just liked him better than the ornaments they had.

Fed Ex stopped at my house today.

They brought me this big box.

What is peaking out from all those packing peanuts?

A Bernina?

The Bernina 1080 I bought on ebay! I am so excited! I've been wanting a Bernina for a long time, and I could not swing the cost of a new one right now. DH said to look for a used one, and here is what I chose. It has several feet with it, the cord and pedal, and the MANUAL! Can you tell I consider getting the manual a huge plus? I haven't sewn on it yet, but I have read most of the manual. I am going to go sew on some scrubs for a while and use sewing on the Bernina as my reward.

Christmas in September is not over yet, though. Fed Ex is supposed to stop at my house again tomorrow, and bring me a sewing cabinet. I have never had a sewing cabinet, so I always end up with back and neck aches from reaching too high. At this point I spend so many hours sewing, it seemed reasonable to get a sewing cabinet. I bought a sewing cabinet from I found a free shipping code, it was on sale for $150 off, and it comes with 50 spools of thread as a special incentive. I am hoping I'll like the cabinet as well as I've liked the customer service so far. The company that makes the cabinet called me, told me when they would ship it, how many boxes it would be in, and gave me a number to call if I had any problems. I'll take some pics when it's all set up.

For anyone who is wondering, the sewing machine was packaged much better than I showed. I eliminated some of the steps of unwrapping bubble wrap and extra cardboard.


Stephanie Newman said...

Oooooh! New Nina friend, you will love your 1080 I am sure. How Exciting!! And you totally deserve a good sewing machine with all that productive sewing you pull off.
Have fun putting your cabinet together- we can look forward to seeing loads more interesting projects in future, I'm sure!

Susan said...

That's the Bernina my MIL had and it was a very nice machine. The stitches are done beautifully.