Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Starting Place

It should be obvious to anyone who reads my blog, that I tend to have several projects going at any one time. It can sometimes be confusing to do that, but overall, I think I get more done that way. I always hear people saying, that they will sew, or do whatever, until they get to a good stopping place. I've been thinking about that this week, and I've developed my own little philosophy about that. There are lots of good places to stop, but not all good stopping places are good places to start the next time you start doing the activity again. For example, I would love to stop at the point I make a mistake, and need to rip out my stitches. A good place to stop, but a lousy starting place, who wants to start their day by ripping? I've been so busy lately, that I have really been concentrating on finding good starting places, and that is when I take a break.

Isn't this fabric cute? I saw it in a new quilting book, French Braid Obsession by Jane Hardy Miller. I searched for it online, and couldn't figure out what to search for to find it. I actually contacted the author, and asked if she remembered anything about this fabric. She said it was older and she doubted I would be able to find any, but she was pretty sure it was an Alexander Henry fabric. With that information in hand, I found it and ordered five yards. In case anyone is wondering, it is called Warm Wishes and it is indeed an Alexander Henry fabric. I was very impressed that Jane was so helpful.

DD#3's wedding quilt is off to the long armer. I pieced the backing and it took a whole bolt of fabric! I have one 7 x 11 inch piece left.

I just finished assembling the center of the Mardi Gras quilt. This quilt has a mind of its own. If you looked at my original drawing, you would laugh. I have redesigned the borders multiple times, added sashing, used extra blocks to make it larger, and basically ignored my original plan. This quilt has it's own idea about what it wants to be when it grows up. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get the borders on.

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