Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lots of stuff going on

Since I never put up any pics of South Africa at all, here are a couple. The first couple are of Kalk Bay.

The fishing boats were lined up, and you can see all the houses going up the hillside. I think this pic would make a good jigsaw puzzle, lots going on.

I've seen that Deadliest Catch TV show a few times, and this reminded me of that.

If you look closely, you can see some of the very famous multi colored beach houses. They are just changing rooms, and they are on several beaches in the Cape Town area. The beach near my daughter has a lot more of them than this. My DSIL#1's parents took me out for the day, and we had a lovely time sight seeing and shopping.

I was looking through my SA pics and decided I liked this one too much to not post it. I was holding Zak and he started started sucking his thumb. I think babies are so cute when they do that. I was a thumb sucker back in the day, and three of my five kids were too. DD#1, Zak's mom, was not a thumb sucker, so we'll see.

See this stack? It is all stuff I am supposed to be working on instead of playing on the computer and blogging or messing around on facebook. I stacked it up hoping that if I saw it all together it might motivate me to get a move on. I think it had the opposite effect. I did get a tiny of bit of sewing done today. All of these are garments; cut out waiting to be sewn. In my defense, I did not take a picture of the two simple baby blankets or the 16 burp cloths I did get finished this weekend. No quilting for me until this pile goes down by at least half.

I found more blue, green, and brown fabrics. Now that I have enough in that color scheme for multiple quilts, I think I'll quilt shopping for that. Well, you know, unless I happen to come along the perfect backing or something ;c)

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