Friday, September 11, 2009

Online shopping

I am a die hard online shopper. I don't drive, and I usually do not enjoy shopping, so point and click works for me. I do occasionally looks for items in town, but I've had mixed results with that. The quilt shop closest to me I have had a lot of problems with. They have beautiful fabrics, and it is arranged very nicely, but I can never get any help there. There is another quilt shop not too far that has excellent customer service, I've never had better, but they carry very few fabrics that are my style. I do buy gadgets and such there if they have what I'm looking for.

That said, and with my obvious online bias, I thought I'd share some online places from whom I've have had excellent customer service. I ordered my sewing cabinet from but I actually dealt with Arrow cabinets directly. They phoned me to verify my address, let me know about shipping, and gave me their phone number if I had any problems. I got the cabinet in less than a week after ordering, and it was very well packed. I sent off a survey about the product today, and I should get a free craft bag in mail, as well as them extending my warranty for completing the survey.

I also got these free 50 spools of thread for ordering the cabinet.

I just found a new site that gave me excellent service. I was searching for this green and brown fabric specifically, and the place I bought some from originally was out. I did an Internet search looking for this fabric, and stumbled across I ordered this fabric on Labor Day, and I received it yesterday, Thursday. Not bad for crossing the country. I was impressed with this company right after I ordered. I paid via paypal, and I got an email first thing Tuesday morning. Evidently, paypal overcharged my shipping, and they were having a buy four yards - get one yard free sale. I had purchased five yards of this, so they sent me a refund of the overcharge on the shipping, and the fifth yard of fabric. They had me right there, but it gets even better. When I got my package, the fabric was wrapped in tissue paper, along with being tied with a ribbon with a seashell on it. They added a little kit for making a coaster, and a piece of saltwater taffy, which was very yummy by the way. I was very impressed, and plan on shopping with them again.

Why did I buy five yards of this fabric? I think it looks great with my new sewing table, so it will be curtains for the sewing room.

While I am on the subject of online shopping, I thought I'd mention a couple other places I like to shop for fabric, in case anyone is looking for someplace new. is one my new favorite places to shop. They get the orders out quickly, only charge you actual shipping costs, and the best thing? Their fabrics start at $3.50 a yard! Most of the times I have shopped with them they have included a free fat quarter and a hand written note. has some good deals on it. You get free shipping if your order is over $35. One of my favorite buys on there is a scrap bag of remnants (look up remnant in their search box). You get 3 pounds of quilting fabric remnants for $16.98. That equals about 9 yards of fabric. I love scrap quilts best, and buying scrap bags helps give me some variety I wouldn't have chosen on my own. It is fun to see what they send too.

If I am looking for novelty fabrics, I tend to search They have an amazing selection of novelties, and it is nicely divided by topic. They ship quickly, and I can usually find an coupon code if I google search for one.

There are other places I shop online for fabric, but these are a few I don't see mentioned often in my online groups. I have no affiliation with any of them, unless you count being a satisfied customer.

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