Monday, September 14, 2009

Hard at work

It's been a few days since I've posted, not because I haven't done anything, but because I've been so busy. I have been working on quilting the past couple of days. I'm taking a little break from garments.

I have the first two quarters of DD#3's wedding quilt assembled. The border fabric we chose has a black background, but the same burgundy and gold in it. It looks a little blah next to the black background of the Celtic knot so I decided it needs another border in between. DD#3 and I could not decide whether to use the burgundy or gold, and then I got this idea to do a pieced border with both colors. I think it will look fantastic, and it is not a complicated border, but when I started to cut out the pieces, I realized it is a LOT of pieces. I need 436 pieces for the border! Being that I am in a time crunch, this may not have been my wisest option, but once I thought of it, I knew I wouldn't settle for anything else. I have a pretty good start on the border.

Since I had multiple projects going at once, I wasn't excited to add another into the mix. That said, the baby quilt I didn't think I needed until November, I found out I needed for the beginning of October. DH and I had talked about it before I went to South Africa, but I had put it out of my mind, thinking it could wait. Thankfully DH had picked an easy pattern for this quilt, so I pieced it as leaders and enders while assembling DD#3's quilt.

Here is the I Spy quilt I made. I like the way the quilt went together, and I'm sure I'll be doing this pattern again. I'll have to save all my notes so I don't have to figure it all out again. I got it quilted this evening, so now this one only needs a binding. I just stitched-in-the-ditch because I didn't want to quilt over the I Spy pictures. I think I might use this layout with a large print instead of an I Spy too. I have some citrus fruit fabric, and I could make this pattern with yellow, orange, and green rail blocks. I think that would make a nice quilt. At least I'm close to one finish!

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Tricia said...

Love this quilt pattern! Can you tell me about the pattern??? Your quilt is great!
Thanks, Tricia