Sunday, September 19, 2010


I was planning on cutting out a couple fish blocks that are in my quilting books, but instead, I worked on my anglerfish, for which I had no pattern. I will still have to add the thing coming out of the fish's forehead, which ends in a glowing ball, but I'm pretty happy with the shape of the fish. If I made it longer I suppose it could be Moby Dick, but once I add the other parts it will definitely be an angler fish. Angler fish have really big teeth so I had to do something for teeth. I sewed rickrack into the seam when I was piecing the triangle in a square block that makes up the mouth. It worked out pretty well, and I think the rickrack makes fine looking teeth ;-)

Here is a link to a photo of an anglerfish for anyone that isn't familiar with them.

Tomorrow I am babysitting, so if anything gets done in the sewing room, it will be amazing. I did choose the fabrics for the next two fish blocks, so maybe I will get them cut tomorrow. I think those two blocks will be the last of the pieced blocks, and everything else will be applique. That means after I get the last two blocks done, I can assemble the center adding background as needed. Once I have that together, the applique should be easy to figure out.

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June Dodge said...

What a cute idea for a quilt - your fish are very creative! I'll click back to see more of them... Trying to think of an idea for you on another sea shape.... : )