Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Don't Think It Counts as New ;-)

I didn't have a good leader/ender project to do with the dark colored piecing thread I'm using for the sea quilt. I was stuck because I work better with a leader/ender project going. I remembered I have a stack of 6" squares I want to use up, because I am no longer saving that size. I can easily use the dark piecing thread with these because they are so scrappy. Well, now I am working on multiple quilts from my 6" squares, while I work on the sea quilt too. I decided to just do some simple things with the squares, so I'm piecing some D9P, and some D4P quilts. I should be able to get them to quilt top stage pretty quickly, and eliminate this pile of squares I no longer want hanging around. If I have any left after my piecing frenzy, I'll cut them down to sizes I do still save. It doesn't count as starting new projects when the pieces are already cut, right? ;-)

As far as the sea quilt goes, here are my two newest blocks-

The two fish on the left are pretty small. I could cut the fins out of a 2 1/2 inch square and have fabric left over! Now I'm going to add background fabric to all of these pieces, and make the center the size I want. I will fill in some of the blank areas with applique. I have all kinds of things to applique on the quilt, including a sea turtle, a starfish, some sea weed, a sea horse, and some other surprises.

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Judy said...

I like the way you think........l/e are bonus quilts. :) Love the fish! I had the same dilemma when sewing my black/bright stars together. So I grabbed some med/dark 2 1/2" squares and started making 9 patches. Can't go wrong with a good l/e project but I've never had 2 going at the same time before. :-) Light thread and dark thread!!!