Sunday, September 12, 2010

El Scoot de Tucson Quilt Finished!!!

Here it is, the El Scoot de Tucson quilt done well before the October 3rd deadline. The yellow fabric was misbehaving a bit as I was piecing, but once I got the borders on, it settled down, and quilted just fine.

This is the back of the scooter quilt, which has all but some tiny scraps of the frog scooter fabric on it. Now that that fabric is gone, I can go in a completely different direction for the next scooter quilt, which will be for the spring scooter rally.

While I was sewing binding on, I finished this quilt as well. It was leftover HST's from the Buckeye Beauty quilt, with some scrappy four patches added in. The next quilt in the queue for quilting looks almost identical to this one, but on that one I have the light squares of the four patches following the furrows. I tried quilting the loop d loop pattern on this quilt, (notice I'm not showing another close up of the quilting) and I think I am going to go for more free motion practice before trying it again. But in the interest of "Finished is better than perfect", here it is!

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