Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Turn the picture or your head?

I started sewing on the scooter quilt today and here is the first row hanging on my door. I could have taken it off the door to take the photo, or I could have left the photo vertical and made you turn you head to see it. Obviously, I opted for leaving it on the door, and rotating the photo, easier on everyone I think ;-)

I don't normally assemble as I go like this, and why I decided to do it this time, I have no idea. I usually make all of the blocks, then assemble. There are only nine blocks, this will be a square quilt, so maybe that is part of my untypical assembly. I usually do much more complicated patterns with a lot more blocks. I'm trying for a simple quilt with good contrast. The appliqued scooters are definitely easier to see in person. This is not a good photo, but then, I'm no photographer. The appliqued scooters on this quilt are smaller and a different silhouette than my first scooter quilt.

El Scoot de Tucson on October 3rd (I think the date is right) is the event at which this quilt will be given away. Since it's not even a top yet, you can understand my urgency in getting it finished.

Tonight for dinner, I ended up feeding all the kids, but in shifts, with one kid getting his ravioli and garlic bread to go ;-) Tomorrow night for dinner, I don't have to cook, because DH and I were invited to eat with some friends. Let's hear it for friends! Let's hear it for not having to cook! Huzzah!

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