Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Feeling Kind of...Purple

I put on purple capris and a purple top today, in preparation for finishing up a couple of purple quilt tops. I've been working on the border of this top quilt for a while, piecing it as a leader/ender project. Now that the border is on, I'm debating on if this quilt needs another border. I was hoping it was finished, but I will let it sit a while and debate. It will probably be fine with just a purple binding, and I can't see a fabric in my stash I like for another border, so it will probably get quilted as is.

This is a purple and blue quilt I finished assembling today. The border is a beautiful Asian print I bought in Hawaii. It is the last of the fabrics I bought in Hawaii, aside from a few scraps. I was originally just planning on getting this quilt to the block stage and putting it aside, when I realized it would not take that long to assemble it and put the simple borders on. Hurrah! Now this can go in the "to be quilted" pile.

Now that I've gotten these out of my way, hopefully tomorrow I can cut out a few blocks for the sea quilt.

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