Saturday, September 11, 2010

Assembly Line Escape

I've been quilting the El Scoot de Tucson quilt, and I also finished quilting that loop d loop quilt I was struggling with. I did get a little better at loop d loops, but I think I'll leave that design alone until I get more free motion practice. I did a simple meander on the El Scoot quilt, and I finished quilting it this evening. The binding is pinned on both of the newly quilted quilts, and hopefully I'll get that binding sewn on tomorrow.

To give myself a break when I was tired of quilting, I took out a quilt that was all cut out, but I hadn't done any of the sewing. The quilt has 20 identical blocks, so there is a lot of chain piecing, which I find really relaxing. I was going to sew the binding on those two quilts this evening, when I remembered I left everything set up to chain sew the next step on the other quilt. No point in moving all of those quilt pieces multiple times, so tomorrow I will do the chain sewing, change thread, then do the bindings. I machine sew bindings on using a serpentine stitch, and only one of my machines has that stitch, so it has to be the Bernina ;-)

I just ordered some glow in the dark thread for the sea quilt. I want to put an angler fish on it, and it needs glow in the dark thread! Boy, that glowing thread is expensive :-( Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and get what you want though. I've been thinking about having an angler fish in there since the beginning. I have lots of work to do on the sea quilt, and I'm still not exactly sure what it will look like. I have a good idea, but I haven't worked out the specifics.

I was using the chain sewing to give me a break from quilting, and once I have the El Scoot and other quilts bound, the sea quilt becomes my main project. I grabbed one of the quilts that I have pin basted, changed thread on the Juki, and I have it all ready to quilt when I need a
break from working on the sea quilt. I used to work on only one quilt at a time, but now I've found if I work on multiple quilts, I can use the repetitious steps of one quilt to think about what I want to do next on the other quilt. It drives other people crazy to see me working on so many things at once, but as long as quilts are being finished regularly, I don't figure it's much of a problem.

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