Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Snuck in an August Finish!

Considering my sewing room was trashed most of August, I really had no hope that I would actually finish anything this month, but I did indeed finish this baby quilt this afternoon. I took this photo when it was still warm from the dryer. If I hadn't had the pink and brown strips already cut in my strip drawers, I wouldn't have even tried it. I had a pieced batting that was just the right size for this, so I actually used one of the battings on my large shelf in the closet (you know, the one I didn't clean ;-) If I get lucky with a few more baby quilts fitting the pieced battings, I'll be able to clear that shelf off faster.

I'm making another scooter themed quilt for DH's scooter club. I had just a bit of this frogs-on-scooters fabric left, all in odd sized pieces. I also knew I was going to have one extra applique block, so instead of starting with the front of the quilt, I started piecing the backing. I want to get rid of the rest of this frog fabric from the last quilt, and I had 10 appliqued blocks with scooters that I had planned on using in the border on the last scooter quilt, but I changed my mind. The other 9 applique blocks will go on the front of the quilt, but none of the frog fabric will be on the front, I'm just ditching it on the back. I will need to make the back bigger, this is small, but it was how much fabric I had. I've already chosen the fabric I will surround this block with to make the backing the correct size.

I finished cutting out the front of the scooter quilt today during baby's nap. Actually, I will have a little sub-cutting to do once I sew some strips together, but for the most part it is cut out. I 'think' tomorrow should be a good sewing day, but we'll see, a lot of times I think that, things come up and I don't sew much or at all.


Lynn said...

Your baby quilt is great! Congrats on a finsih.

Linda said...

I love the pink and brown. Fantastic! The border fabric is perfect.

Linda in OK