Saturday, August 14, 2010

Busting Flannels

Remember this picture from last month? I cut up all of my flannels into burp cloths and specific sizes, and my goal was to have it all used in the next few months? I've been sewing up the burp cloths as I get scraps of batting large enough to use for them, almost half of those are done. In this pan were my four inch squares, 2 1/2 inch squares, and 1 1/2 inch strips. I haven't messed with the four inch squares at all yet, but as for the others, I've made progress.

I had been wanting to make Chunky Churndash blocks for a while now. I saw them on quite a while ago, and was just waiting for the right project. I think it will be a great baby quilt pattern, and since most of my flannels were pastels, it was time. I started out making the matching blocks, where the four corners matched the connecting lines. When I was out of enough pieces to do that, I switched to contrasting corners.

I ran out of contrasting corners that I was happy mixing with the centers, and I had odd amounts of several connecting blocks left. I decided to make some paddle wheel blocks with the extras, starting with four matching pieces when I had that many. When I ran out of fours, I switched to the two color version, and my last couple had all mismatched blades. I am completely out of flannel 1 1/2 inch strips.

I still had more squares left, so I decided to make four patches, starting with matching fabrics, and eventually getting to the one on the end with all mismatched squares. I only have a few more four patches to make to be out of 2 1/2 inch squares. I'm down to the brights, which I had the least of anyway. I wanted to finish them tonight, but I'm just too tired. I should get a chance to finish them tomorrow, as it will probably take less than an hour to finish up the rest of the four patches.

Wondering how my sewing room is coming along? I've been rearranging things on my pegboard, and making a few more mini-bolts, but with my nephew in town and babysitting multiple days, not much else on that front. I did go get new shelves, and the next batch of corrugated plastic is here. Unfortunately, DH is not here to cut my plastic or set up the shelves, he is at a scooter rally. Depending on what goes on this weekend, I'll either work on making mini-bolts, or on quilting some of these quilts I have basted, or neither. Sounds like I could have quite a bit of company tomorrow, so Sunday may be my only big sewing day of the weekend.

Next week, when DH is back, he will probably get my plastic cut, and get the shelves together. It will be so good when it's all done, but for now, it means moving almost all of my fabric yet again! The fabric really has to be on the mini-bolts to fit well on the new shelves, so it could be a while before things are back to "normal" in the sewing room. I do have a few projects I really need to work on, so I'll need to get the room somewhat functional pretty quickly. The flannels blocks I've been working on, are just to give me a break from all the reorganizing, as well as getting the flannel out of my way!

As far as cooking goes this week, I had one dinner for 13, and 6 for breakfast this morning. Tomorrow is an unknown, so I could be cooking for a bunch, or not... either way is fine, I have ideas to feed a crowd or if there is only a couple we'll eat leftovers.

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