Thursday, August 26, 2010

Little of This, Little of That

Here is what is on my design wall, that impromptu baby quilt. I really need to get the blocks together. I did buy some border fabric for it, but just enough, not yards of it. It is a brown with pink paisley.

I decided after spending 3 solid weeks reorganizing my sewing room, I deserved some time to play with my new toy! I probably only used the Accuquilt Go for about a half hour, but I can already tell I'm going to like it. I made my girls watch me use it when they came over, I was so impressed with it. They thought it was cool, either that or they were just humoring me! I think it will make quick work of cutting my scraps, which is usually so time consuming. I find cutting yardage for a whole quilt fairly quick, but cutting up odd sized scraps very slow. I love using my scraps, as scrap quilts are my personal favorite, but cutting them is not always what I want to do.

I went to the Accuquilt website, and printed out this sheet. I have the mix and match 12" block set, and this sheet tells you a bunch of different blocks you can cut out with that set of dies. I was so impressed with the sheet, I printed out a second copy on cardstock to keep with my cutter and dies.

I also started quilting one of my basted quilts yesterday. I wanted to try the loop d loop pattern, and honestly, I don't think my mind thinks in loop d loops :-( This has been much harder for me than stippling or the fans I did. Even following a pattern is much easier for me. I'm not ripping the quilting out, so I'm just going to go ahead and continue. The quilt is just a large lap quilt, so I figure by the time I'm done with it, I'll either be better at it, or I'll decide to not try that pattern again for a while. I'm hoping as I get better at free motion quilting I will be able to conquer more and more patterns, and become proficient at several. Since I'm fairly pleased with how some of my other quilting has come out, I do think I can get better, but if a design is just not working for me, I figure there is not really a problem with leaving it until I have more experience. I don't see any reason to kick myself if I can't "get it" right now. Quilting is supposed to be fun, right?

I never know who is going to be here for dinner, and tonight I had seven here. DH was working, but I had all of my local kids and one of their friends. Fortunately, the last time I made lasagna, I made an extra one and put it in the freezer. DS the Elder was headed to the grocery store anyway, in between college classes, so he picked up garlic bread for me, and we were all set. I did take the time to make some dark chocolate and mint brownies.

DD#3 was here to tell me about her first prenatal appointment, and she and DSIL were so excited to hear the baby's heartbeat. Next month she gets an ultrasound, so we will probably find out who this little person is then.


angelindisguise said...

I have just been to their website, but the machine and supplies are a little expensive when you have to multiply by 7. It will work out to roughly R10 000 (!!). Bummer.
their stuff is very cool though!

Melodie said...

Most US quilters find them too expensive as well. I found an amazing package deal for about $400 US, so about 2800R. Still expensive, but since I had sold some of my other quilting toys, I had it covered and considered it a trade.

Stephanie Newman said...

Melodie, you got a great deal on your Accu cut Go!
Isn't your sewing room looking fantastic?