Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Reorganization Day 2

The artist portfolio I ordered last week got here today. I've collected several quilting stencils now, and storage was stumping me. I was keeping them in the box they came in, but they were hard to look through. I am very happy with how they fit in the artist portfolio, and now I don't have to worry about them getting bent.

Yesterday, these cabinets were on the other end of this wall. It seems an insignificant change to move cabinets down on the same wall. I did this so that my new cutting area can go over by the closet. These two cabinets are full of fabric, and I had to empty them to move them, then refill them when they were moved. I'm tired now ;-)

Eventually, I hope to refold all the fabric in these cabinets, putting them onto mini-bolts, but for now, I just needed things up and out of my way. When everything is rearranged, I can refold the fabrics one shelf at a time, and not be all stressed out trying to do everything at once.

I decided that reorganizing the closet first really won't work. With everything from the closet dumped into the room, I had no room to do anything else. So the first thing I did today is stick everything I could in the closet, so I had room to move those cabinets.

This is what is dumped on the floor today. If you look at yesterday's pics, you can see I had a set of brown shelves in the corner with all my bolts on it. Next to that were all the plastic drawers piled up. The brown shelves are in the hallway for now, and I'm not thinking they will be coming back in the sewing room. All the fabric on bolts will be refolded onto mini-bolts, and probably be stored in the closet when I get that done. The plastic drawers will stay in the room, but the location is iffy.

I came up with today's plan of attack last night. I knew I was babysitting for a while, and I had 8 people here for dinner, so I wasn't sure how much I would get done. I actually did more than I thought I would.

Tomorrow's plan? I'm not sure. I need to go shopping for my new cutting table. I picked it out online, but I don't know if the store has them in stock or if I'm going to have to order it online. That will have a huge influence on what I end up doing tomorrow. I think I'll spend at least part of my time taking the fabric off of the big bolts and putting them onto the mini-bolts. It takes longer to do one that I thought it would, but it takes up a lot less space once it's done. I would imagine I will get faster at making the mini-bolts.

That's the status of my mess today! It's a no holds barred "Yes, I have a lot of stuff" expose' on myself!

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