Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Done Reorganizing for Now

I worked in the closet, but not on that big shelf that is a mess. I'm leaving that for another time. This is in my closet looking to the right. These shelves were in the closet before, but set up as organizers for a normal clothes closet. I detached them from the back wall, stacked them and moved them to one side. They are mostly holding fabrics I had set aside for quilt backings, but there are also a few groups of fabrics for specific projects in there too.

It's funny, I had set several fabrics aside for quilt backings, but I really never considered them when looking for a backing. I think they were just too buried before. I have about six quilt tops done right now that need backings, and I found backings for all but one top in this mix of fabrics. I'm hoping now that my batting will be stored in the same closet, I will automatically check these shelves first.

To the left in the closet is this set of shelves I moved in the closet at the beginning of this mess. They are now holding juvenile novelty fabrics, and a few fabrics I had set aside for backings.

This is what my closet looked like right before I shut the doors, with my rolls of batting sitting in the middle. The batting is not really heavy, just bulky, so it's not really a problem to move it when I need the fabric in there.

I had a lot more 1 yard or less pieces than I thought, so I reorganized my multimedia shelves yet again, and stuck the extra shirt backs and the novelty fabrics in this drawer. This little cabinet has 4 drawers. The top drawer holds all of my patterns, this is the second drawer, the third has interfacings and fusible webbing, and the bottom drawer is felt. If I get motivated to work on the small novelty pieces in another room, I can empty the bottom two drawers and store the small minibolts in them. I rarely use felt anymore, so I'd consider giving it away, or stashing it in the very top of the closet where it's hard to reach. The interfacings I could probably make room for on my workbench. I am pretty sick of folding fabric right now, so I doubt I'll be tackling that any time soon.

My workbench a.k.a. cutting area, is ready for duty. I have some scraps on top of it from my last couple of quilt tops waiting to be cut to to size for my scrap user system. The workbench drawers are holding a few garment projects that are cut out and not sewn. Most of the other containers under the bench have specific projects in them. This area will be in a constant state of change as projects get finished, and are replaced by new ones.

The sewing room is ready to sew now. There is one pile of heavyweight fabrics near the door, the ones I plan on using for grocery bags. I would like to get those at least cut out in the next week or so. I have no plans for keeping any of those scraps, so once they are cut out, my pile will be much smaller. I still have my scrap basket to deal with, as well as a partially filled trash bag I threw everything smaller than a fat quarter into while I was refolding everything. I think I am going to make that my babysitting days project, something to work on during nap time. Goodness knows, he wakes up every time I try to sew! I can play with my Accuquilt GO while baby sleeps. I need to pick a couple of patterns to cut for, so I make good use of my scraps.

I have worked some on that baby quilt that came up. I have the blocks done, but need to sew them together, and cut the border. I found a great fabric for the back in my pile of fabrics set aside for backings. How awesome is that? Maybe now that my sewing room is "done", I can get going on the fun stuff.


Mary K said...

You inspire me for sure. I think of everyone tidding up everything and it keeps me going. a little at a time.

You are doing a SUPER job! Give yourself a pat on the back for me.

Steel Scraps said...

You have done a terrific job of organizing your fabric! Enjoy your wonderful sewing room! Pat L in NY