Monday, August 2, 2010

Before-ish Pics

Standing in the hallway, looking in my sewing room.

There's a floor?

The cutting center or sorts

Still no curtains on those windows?

The closet, which I've already started rearranging.

So has the heat gotten to me or what? My sewing room is normally pretty neat, and I rarely have to search for much in there, so what is the deal with the disaster?

I'm blaming it on changes of plans on many levels, and the domino effect. For months I have known that August was not going to be a good month for quilting. After all, I was supposed to be going to South Africa to see DD#1, DSIL, and DGS. I mentioned a while back that our trip was canceled due to DD#2 needing surgery. No one's fault, these things happen.

DD#2 is recovering nicely, and without the surgery nothing would have improved. The docs were wrong about her main problem, but when they got in there, what they did find was fixable, so we're happy! She has another issue they confirmed, so she'll be starting some new meds, but overall it was good news. I've been trying to baby her a bit, as she's recovering at our house. There is so much relief here though, it's all been a good thing.

Now, DH did not cancel his vacation time, so he has three weeks off. Today he cut all the corrugated plastic I bought to make those mini-bolts of fabric I wanted to do. I just made my first minibolt, but with my room such a mess, I don't really have anyplace to go put it :-)

Here's the thing; I had several issues I wanted to change in my sewing room.

1) I don't like my cutting table because it's bowed pretty badly.
2) I don't like storing my batting in another room.
3) I feel too crowded when I sew on the Brother.

Now, since I was already going to be rearranging all of my fabric, wouldn't this be the perfect time to fix the other problems? I just bought two new rolls of batting because I was out (one poly [yes, I know I don't like poly but I keep having people ask for it], one cotton). With two new rolls of batting to deal with, it was the perfect time to deal with issue number 2.

Issue number 1 is an ongoing irritant, and although I don't use the Brother (issue #3) that often, while I'm rearranging things, I may as well take it into consideration.

The batting thing only really had one solution. I read about someone who hung their batting from the ceiling, and that's an excellent idea. Unfortunately, that excellent idea is not an option in our house because of the slanted ceilings that are not high enough to hang batting from. Putting the batting in the closet was really the only way to bring it into my sewing room, it was the only place large enough.

The thing is the closet was already full! That is how the mess you see in the pics started, so this is really the beginning of the story. I was dumping stuff out of the closet, so I could rearrange and re-evaluate it all.

I have some ideas on how to fix the other problems, but I won't ruin it for you. I will just do a blow by blow, here is my mess, and here's what I'm doing about it series. Hope it doesn't bore everyone too much, and you never know, you might find an idea or two!


Candace said...

It'll be fun seeing your solutions. I need to get some organizing done too, so maybe I can use some of your ideas.

Stephanie Newman said...

Go in bravely Melodie! I have a tiny space where I do most of my construction and increasingly quilting- and it went through the bomb site stage of organisation too. Its worth it to have a room that functions more effectively though- and you can always move it around different next time if it doesn't work out!