Thursday, August 19, 2010

Filling Up

I've pretty much finished with the neutrals and warm colors. Onto the cool colors! I'm really trying to show the process, to encourage other people that changes don't happen overnight. I'm sorry if some of you are just bored at watching my progress. It is a lot of work refolding all of my fabric, but I am loving the results.

I had something come up, and I need a baby quilt in pink and brown. With my stash in such a state, I was debating what to do, and I realized my strip drawers are still accessible even with my mess. I dug out enough pink and brown strips for a quick baby quilt, and I hoping to get it done, start to finish, this weekend. We'll see what happens. Tomorrow is a fun day with DH and DD's #2 & 3.

Yesterday our inground pool was removed, and now our backyard is just an ugly, dirt covered mess. We can't afford to landscape right now, and boy, would I love to be able to just make a giant quilt to cover up the dusty, hideous yard. I certainly have enough fabric to cover the yard, but it wouldn't last long in the AZ sun.

First things first, and we have several expensive repairs to do before landscaping gets top priority. Remember that old movie, "The Money Pit" with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long? Right now our house is a money pit, and for the next year or so it will be sucking down every dollar we can find. I will be glad to have my sewing room all organized, and have a safe place to retreat to when life is so chaotic.

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