Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oops, Never Posted the Finished Quilt!

Now that DD#2 went back to her house, I could take this quilt off the guest bed and get a photo of it finished! Well, DH actually took the picture for me ;-) At any rate, since I hadn't posted a photo of the quilt completed, here you go. The quilt is sideways in the picture. It is one BIG quilt, and can fit a queen sized bed with no bedskirt needed. It is like queen bedspread sized. I only have scraps of Hawaiian fabric left now, this used almost all I had.

I've still been busy making my mini-bolts. I think I am going to get the shelves I was debating on. If I'm going to rearrange all my fabric, I might as well do it right. I can use the cabinets I have now elsewhere in the house. Of course this means moving all that fabric again! If moving all this fabric this many times doesn't get it into my head that I have enough for lots of quilts, nothing will.

Tomorrow I'm babysitting, but I'm hoping to be able to snag some working time in my sewing room too. I'd like to get the sewing cabinet cleaned off enough to be functional. I could use an hour or two of piecing to save my sanity!

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