Monday, August 9, 2010

Small Mini-bolts Done

My multimedia shelves are now filled with multicolored fabrics! I used the magazine backing boards for this small sized mini-bolts, and I'm very happy with the results. Personally, I don't think the magazine backing boards are strong enough for the larger size mini-bolts, but it works great for this.

Just in case anyone is debating on doing this, I'll give you an idea of how many I used of everything. For the magazine backing boards, I bought 100 Life magazine sized acid-free boards.
I could get five of the small sized mini bolt forms from each sheet, so I had 500 total. If you look at the second shelf down, you'll see the extra boards I didn't use (maybe 150, possibly less), all of that white area next to the red fabrics. I could actually fit more fabric onto the shelves, they are not packed that tightly. I put fabrics 1 yard or less on these. If I had more fat quarters, I would have used a lot more boards, since the fat quarters take up less space. Most of these fabrics were about 1/2 yard, with at least a couple dozen of them being a full yard. If you are interested in duplicating this idea, perhaps this would give you an idea of how many magazine backing boards you'd need to start with. As I use more fabrics, the amount of boards I need will change, so I am just fine with having extras. I also got a bulk price by buying 100, so even if I had purchased exactly the right amount, the cost would have been similar. BTW, the multimedia shelves are 32" wide, and 45" high. That's another thing to consider, which size shelves to buy.

I just spent 10 hours watching baby, and he was good as gold today. I actually wrapped a few dozen of these mini-bolts while he played on the floor of my sewing room. Ah, the wonder of empty thread cones!

I am hoping to be able to make some more of the larger mini-bolts tomorrow. I've used about half of the corrugated plastic I bought for the first round. I ordered some more today. I'm hoping to get my new shelves later this week, and the mini-bolts will fit perfectly on them. DH had no problems cutting the corrugated plastic, and it didn't even take very long as he cut several sheets at once. I am so excited with all the changes I'm making! It will be my own personal wonderland when I'm done!

Tonight I am going to mend a few things. I have a couple of quick projects that I can then get out of my sewing room :-)


Stephanie Newman said...
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Stephanie Newman said...

Whoops, last comment full of typos!
Your mini bolts look great, waiting to fondle those lovely colours. Keep on going with your sewing room, it will look great when you are done :)