Monday, May 2, 2011

Another Scooter Rally Over

It seems the last couple of months everything has been all about the scooter rally. Making rally bags, cool ties, the scooter quilt, and doing lots of cooking has taken almost all of my free time. This past weekend the rally took place, and I think it was a success. Here are some of the scooters at the rally, parked in front of one of our sponsers, Scoot Over.

It was a sunny, sunny day on Saturday, so the photos are not the best, but here is one of the women in the scooter club doing the teeter totter in the scooter rodeo. There was a big obstacle course, and the teeter totter was the most scary element. I think that shooting the "bad guy" with the nerf gun or lassoing the cactus with a hula hoop were actually more difficult.

Here is a photo of the slow drags. See the guy on the blue scooter- he won. The object of slow drags is to be the last to cross the finish line. You can't put down your feet at all, and it actually takes much more skill to drive that slowly than to drive fast.

I ended up doing a lot more cooking for the rally than I originally anticipated. I made a spaghetti dinner complete with desserts for Saturday night, but I had also made cinnamon rolls for a morning snack, and everyone in the rally got a homemade cookie. A couple of people who sweet talked me even got two ;-) My sisters surprised me and came down for the rally on Saturday. They helped in the kitchen getting the last minute details done and really helped getting things cleaned up. My mother-in-law helped with lots for the rally as well. I am pretty exhausted, so the help was invaluable.

I plan on posting again tomorrow, this time with quilty content. I had the opportunity to be a tester for Volume 3 of Quiltmaker's 100 blocks issue, and it is finally at the time I can show what I was working on. If you are curious as to what is in the issue, come check the blog tomorrow, and I'll show you some of the blocks I worked on for it. Testing has already started for Volume 4, and I can tell you the first block I got directions for looks great. Quiltmaker is so much fun to work with!

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