Saturday, May 21, 2011

Building a Log Cabin ;-)

I've got just over a fourth of my log cabin blocks finished. I laid them out on the bed to see how they looked together. I think they will look good when they are all sewn together, and I'm happy with how this quilt is coming out.

I have 13 of the RRCB blocks done, like the ones I posted yesterday. I need 30 of those, so not yet halfway done with those. I'm glad I chose to work on both quilts at once, I had so much more to do on RRCB, that it would have been frustrating for me to just be staring at all the work I had to do on it. At least this way, I am getting my log cabin quilt close to assembly, so I feel like I'm making progress on something, even though I still have a lot to do on RRCB.

I need to take some time to cut some new quilts out. I think I may do some of that tomorrow. Mr. Z, my oldest grandson, needs his big boy bed quilt for his 2nd birthday, and I need to get going on that. It will probably take me almost as long to cut it out as to sew it together, since it's an I Spy quilt and there will be a lot of fussy cutting. I need to make 2 other I Spy quilts as well, so I can get some of those cut at the same time. So many projects, so little time, thus is the life of any crafter.


Angie said...

No wonder you're pleased with how it's turning out, tis looking fabulous... I love the colours you're using for the RRCB too.
I make one thing at a time, I tried leaders & enders but I found I had stopped what I should have been doing to work on the fun L&E's... too much for my tiny brain, he he he

lynne said...

melodie!!!!! it has been a thousand years since i have been here. QOB wa sso quiet for so long, and life sucks here lately (going thru a divorce-yuck) i haven't had a chance to do much blog hopping....i LOVE your log cabin and want to make one too!!! it would be a great leader/ender project for all but the last round i think. can't wait to start in on it. i believe i can figure out the pattern from your picture....wonderful to visit your blog and to feel like i visited with you LOL