Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

See what DH got me for Mother's Day? I'm anxious to take time and really sit down and read this book. We used to live right at the beginning of the Oregon Trail in Missouri, so I've read lots of books about wagon trains and traveling to Oregon. It will be really interesting to see some quilts that made the trip.

I did work on the log cabin quilt a little bit today. I still haven't finished the second round, I need to add one more dark log to finish round 2.

The other projects on my sewing table? In the white basket there are star parts for the log cabin quilt. All the yellow/blue HST's are from the RRCB Mystery, which I decided to use as my leader/ender project. The black pan has the remaining logs for the log cabin quilt. I think that is enough to work on right now. Working on just two projects at once is a nice break :-)

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