Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Four Days of Cutting

I started cutting fabrics on Sunday. I needed to cut novelty fabrics for three I Spy quilts. I had bought some fat quarters and remnants for this projects, but mostly I was planning to use scraps from scrub tops I made. I was hoping to finish up in three days, but it took me four. At one point I probably had scraps from 200 different fabric in my kitchen.

Here was what my kitchen table looked like this afternoon. Squares and strips ready to use in quilts. I was only cutting squares and strips as I was mostly working with novelty fabrics. This was not a session to whip the scraps into shape. My main goal was cutting 6 1/2" squares for the I Spy quilts, but once I touched a piece of fabric, I cut it up until I had only crumbs or strings left.

Here is a better look at the squares and strips. The ice cream bucket has crumbs in it, and the box has strings from squaring up the fabrics. These are all sizes I routinely save and use. I have enough pieces cut for far more than three quilts, and I am thrilled about that. Whenever I start a new quilt, I always go to my pre-cuts first.

Today I cut the strips for the alternating blocks in the I Spy quilts. I am really running low on blender fabrics. This afternoon I made LOTS of trips up and down the stairs putting everything away. By the time dinner was ready, we could actually eat at the table for the first time in days.

Today was also hair salon day at our house. I cut DD#2's hair, DSIL's hair and DH's hair. DD#2 cut my hair too, and she did a fine job. For the first time in a while my hair is layered. It was time for something different. DD#2 had seen me give this haircut before, and I talked her through it. Maybe someday she'll be the one giving all the haircuts.

Tomorrow I babysit, plus our house is having an energy conservation inspection. Maybe they can give us some tips to save some money. It promises to be a busy day, but hopefully I can squeeze in some sewing.

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Andee said...

We lead parallel quilting lives, lol I have been working with Eye Spy fabric lately too! I have piles just like you do and a bag of fabric I go through once a year or so to cut several at a time too!