Friday, May 27, 2011

Remember the Wonder Twins?

Does anyone besides me remember the Wonder Twins? I showed a clip of the cartoon to DD#3, and she just thinks it's lame. It was cool when I was a kid. DD#3, DSIL, and the grandtwins are away for the weekend, at a comicon (comic/anime convention) in Phoenix. DD#3 sent me a couple of pics (via cell phone and that's why they are small) of them from the first day of the convention. I had bought the twins the Green Lantern and Wonder Woman outfits, as well as DD#3's Wonder Woman shirt (an early birthday present), and they hunted down a Green Lantern shirt for DSIL. I still think it would have been cute to dress the twins as the Wonder Twins, but maybe no one would have known who they were. I think I must be getting old!

Yesterday was crazy around here, with workman all over the house. I found out we need all new duct work, as well as a new furnace, and probably a new cooling system. Fun stuff! I don't know how many of those things are going to happen right now, my money tree is not growing well in this drought ;-) I ended up babysitting yesterday instead of today, and Mr. S was perfect, even with all the commotion, and me not being able to lay him down for a nap because the workmen were everywhere. He finally collapsed and slept on the couch for a couple of hours, even with the noise.

It looks as if DD#1 and her family will be coming for a visit this fall, providing her husband gets his US visa approved. I am so excited for them to come, and we'll all be sorely disappointed if it doesn't come through. Sometimes I wonder why it is so hard for people to get visitor's visas. They aren't moving here, they simply want to visit since it's been four years since DD#1 has been home. I'm praying all goes smoothly with that, and we can all get together in the fall.

Today I've been getting a little sewing done, and goofing off a bit too, while the house is so empty. Tomorrow DS the Younger graduates high school, and I'm waiting until June 4th to do a big graduation dinner for him. I'm hoping for a fairly low key, low stress weekend. A girl can dream, can't she?

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