Friday, May 6, 2011

Three Quilt Centers

I didn't get everything done I had hoped to do today. I got a later start in the sewing room than I should have, but I was enjoying snuggling with the twins instead :-) I did finish assembling the quilt centers I was working on.

This is another quilt where I am trying to use up my six inch squares. Most of these squares are from men's shirts, and this will eventually end up as a veterans quilt. I am thinking a narrow white border followed by a wider border made from various men's shirts.

This is one of my go to patterns when I am looking for a quick leader/ender project. I tried it with a black background this time, which I like. I have a black fabric with flames on it for a border, but I am debating an inner border. I have a small amount of yellow with flames I could eek a very narrow inner border out of, or I could switch it up and use blue for an inner border. Blue is another fire color, which is what I was going for when choosing the squares for this quilt.

I had a lot of green 2 1/2 inch squares left over from one of the Celtic quilts I've done, but this top pretty much wiped them out. I really haven't come to any decision on borders for this one. My first thought is a narrow tan border matching the background color (I know it doesn't look tan in the picture, but it is a light tan), followed by a piano key border using more greens. I'm not sure, I just have to think about it a while.

On the log cabin quilt, I got the next two light colored logs sewn on. I'll work on those blocks more this weekend, but I need to pick another leader/ender project. I have a couple quilts cut out, or I can go back to the RRCB mystery quilt. I don't want to take the time to cut anything out right now, which is why I am not putting the borders on these quilts right away. I'll cut the borders for these when I cut out the I Spy quilts I need to make.

I did take a break from sewing today, and packed up my Brother sewing machine. I know DD#2 wants to start a new project, but she's going to have to set it up elsewhere. I need to start moving things a little at a time so eventually I can get the Juki into the sewing room.

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Vic in NH said...

You sure have been productive making beautiful bright quilts!
I like the picture at the top of your blog of the desert, but the shape of the cactus made me giggle. It looks like someone giving the "bird!"