Saturday, May 14, 2011

Senior Prom

Here is DS the Younger, all ready to go to his Senior Prom. I can hardly believe he is already graduating high school. I think it makes it even harder for me to realize my kids are all grown up, because I am actively helping care for the grandtwins. After all, how could my kids be all grown when there are car seats in the car, baby paraphernalia everywhere, and usually a diaper in my purse?

I think James Bond with this pose.

Here is DS the Younger with his girlfriend. The feathers she is wearing goes with the theme which is masquerade. I didn't have them put their masks on for photos. I thought it was unusual to require masks when they aren't going in costume, but whatever. I never went to prom, so I don't know if that is a common thing or not.

On the quilting front, RRCB is forcing it's way to the forefront. I wouldn't say it is my primary project now, but I would say it and the log cabin are both being worked on in equal amounts. So instead of having a leader/ender type of thing, I am making small goals for each quilt, sew on the next log for the log cabin, or attach the next HST for RRCB, and I sew all of those for both quilts chain piecing it all. I then cut it all apart and press. It takes a long time to press all of those pieces, so I've been calling my best friend who lives far away and she's been keeping me company while I press. I know several quilters who don't press after every step, and that's great if it works for you, but I am a presser, and for me it's worth the extra time it takes to press.

RRCB is actually one of the quilts that needs to be done by fall, so is OK that it's kind of forcing it's way in. Why is it at a certain point in creating a quilt, they seem to come alive and have opinions? Work on me next! I want sashing! Put me on point! Three borders, not just one!

I am still sewing HST's together for RRCB. I need 120 strips of 5 HST's sewn together. I was doing the math, and I started with 1200 triangles, sewed them together to make 600 squares. when I am done sewing the sets of HST's together I will have 120 sets, a tenth of what I started with. Of course, the goal of any quilt is to end up with only one quilt, from however many pieces you started with. There are far more than 1200 pieces in RRCB. I think it's kind of funny, there are actually an unknown number of pieces, and no two may end up with just the same number because of the string blocks. Isn't that funny, all of us doing the RRCB mystery and no one ending up with a quilt with the same number of pieces?

I am working on the last round of logs for the log cabin quilt. A couple more sewing days and I'll be ready to lay it out and get it ready to assemble. I haven't figured out how to custom make a border on EQ7 yet, so I still have to do all the math for the inner border that will have stars spilling into it.

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