Sunday, July 31, 2011

Little of This, Little of That

Well, I certainly haven't been posting, so what have I been doing? I did get RRCB and the Star Log Cabin off to the LAQ. Did I remember to take a photo of the Star Log Cabin before I sent it off? Of course not!

I have been trying to get rid of my pre-cut six inch squares. I made most of them into Indian Hatchet blocks. I didn't count them as I was going, I just sewed the corners on. When they were finished, I started out dividing them into four categories; darks, pastels, brights, and dull mediums. The dull colors had too much gray to be dark or bright, and they weren't pastel. As I started counted each category to see if it would work for a quilt. I decided to break up the dull category and add to each of other piles. I ended up with 80 blocks each for the brights and pastels, so I'll set those 8 x 10. I had 134 darks, so I made 10 more, and I'll set it 12 x 12. I only have a few 6" squares left, mostly light neutrals, so I will cut those into 2" squares, which I use all the time, and it will all be good :-) Now I am out of all the sizes I stopped saving! I'll have to get the three quilts assembled sometime soon.

This was my leader/ender project while I was assembling the Star Log Cabin. I needed to add all the corners on these 80 blocks, so I did that while making all the Indian Hatchet blocks. These blocks are now ready to assemble too.

Today I worked on making baby bibs. I thought I had purchased a dozen towels for bibs, but it turns out I had 14. So far 7 are done, but I only took a photo of these four. The sea horses and the whale applique I had prepared when I was making a sea quilt last year, but they didn't make the final cut for the quilt. I decided I may as well use them now, and thought they'd be cute on the bibs. I'm using some old trims on some of the bibs, and the really colorful one on the end, came in a three pack of printed towels, all the same design. Tomorrow I hope to finish the rest of the bibs, though not all of them will go to the twins. My mother had sent the twins some bibs she had made a while back, and that's what we've been using. I can't remember how many she sent, 6 or 8 I think. I do laundry almost every day, but it's still hard to keep up with the bibs. Two babies, right now eating two meals a day, and they go through four bibs a day, plus I use bibs on the little guy I babysit. Once the twins are up to three meals per day, it will be six bibs per day, so I'm thing at least a dozen bibs total is reasonable. It's amazing how fast things add up using the two at a time.

Let's see, anything else of note? Miss S cut her first tooth! I think she'll have more shortly. Mr. L is a little behind her, and I think she'll have a second tooth before he has his first.

DS the Younger went to Texas with DS the Elder. He's checking things out, trying to decide if he'd like to relocate. If he decides to stay here, we may end up signing him up last minute for classes at the community college this semester, or he may take this semester off. I'm not sure what he will decide. Kids have so many choices nowadays, it's no wonder they have such a hard time deciding. It used to be, people stayed in the town they grew up in, and college was out of reach for most. Now it is what do I want to do, and where do I want to do it? Even with the lousy economy, kids are still faced with far more choices than our parents ever had.

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