Monday, July 18, 2011

Loving It So Far

Since the RRCB quilt top is finished, it's time to put the log cabin together. I've had the blocks done for a month or so. I've known since I started this quilt that it was going to be one I really liked. I was right, and I may have to make another one since this one is being given away.

Here is the center done. That's as far as I've gotten. I need to piece the inner border next. The white stars will go into the inner border, so I have lots of star points to piece. The outer border will be a plain border, so really, once the inner border is done, I'm home free. I bought an extra wide backing for this quilt too, so by the end of the week, this quilt and RRCB should be on the way to the LAQ.

I realized I hadn't posted pics of the twins on my blog lately. Here is Mr. L during his first encounter with banana baby food.

Here is Miss S the same day. They are pretty funny babies. So far they are not impressed with fruit at all, but they like all the vegetables. Maybe that trend to not like sweets will continue and they'll always eat healthy? Doubtful, but at least for now they eat their vegetables.

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Kristie said...

They are such cuties! Such precious little things.

Love that log cabin! I think one thing that I like so much about them is that there are so many different settings and designs that can be made with them. I made one last year and I think I am getting ready to start another one soon.