Monday, July 11, 2011

Spiraling INTO Control!

I learn so much from my online quilting groups. People always have such a great ideas for organizing, or patterns, or using things you have in a new, better way. In one of my online quilt groups, someone was talking about having their quilt or other craft books spiral bound instead of the regular binding on them. At any office store, they can cut off the current binding, and put spiral bindings on your books. Several of the ladies chimed in that had done the same thing, and they quoted different prices, the lowest being $2, the highest $12 per book. I had no idea what they charged for such a service around here, but since DH and I were running errands today, I decided to make an extra stop and find out.

See these six quilting books? They are some of my favorites. I picked these out because I've either made several quilts from each one, or have plans to make several quilts from each. These are some of my frequent go to books when I'm looking for ideas. I took these six books into an office supply store and got all six spiral bound for $24 total. I am thrilled with this!

Now my books can lay flat, which is perfect for assembly directions or cutting requirements.

I can also flip the book so that only one page shows, which is great when I only need to look at the layout. The books are much more easily used this way, and I think it's a great idea. The only down side I can see, is that there is now no spine on the book with the title on it. I had the person at the office store color code the bindings for me, one color per author. It will help me keep the books straight, and the spiral bindings come in several colors.

I wouldn't want to do this to all of my books, but I will probably do a few more eventually. I would only spiral bind a book I intend to use multiple times.

In case anyone is curious about what I'm using for my leader/ender project, here it is on my design door. I should get the borders on that fourth quilt tomorrow. Some workman are coming to the house and I can't go anywhere anyway.

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cityquilter said...

getting books spiraled is a terrific idea i also borrowed from someone on line. i've done a few and have a few more to's a terrific way to make books easier to use. they look terrific!