Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Quiet Night

I haven't blogged in over a week! Why not? No photos. I hate making a blog post with no photos, and really, what I've been doing hasn't been a great photo opportunity.

So what have I been doing? Let's see, I finished piecing the borders for RRCB. I really want a full day to sew when I assemble RRCB, because I need to get the center together in a day. I have a much harder time keeping track of on point quilts than straight set, so I want to lay the quilt center out on my bed, take a row, sew it together, put it back on the bed, and repeat until it's done. Once the center is together, I'm not worried about putting on the borders. I won't have a long enough chunk of time to do that until next Thursday, so RRCB is put aside for right now.

Today I finished assembling the centers of four different quilts! I've been working on them a little at a time for the last week. The twins samurai/geisha quilts, and the other two I Spy quilts are now ready for borders. My goal is to get them all bordered tomorrow, which is pretty ambitious since they are all getting two borders. We'll see if I can do it.

As soon as those quilt tops get assembled, they will be put aside, and I will work on assembling the two queen sized quilts, RRCB and the log cabin. I kept warring with myself over whether or not I should quilt them myself. It's certainly less expensive to quilt them myself, but I was really stressing over it. DH and I talked it over, and I'm going to send them out for quilting. In fact, I'm really taking the easy way out, and I'm going to have my LAQ bind them too. She charges very little to do the binding, and the quilts will come back finished. I feel a huge sense of relief now that I've decided to do that. I'll quilt the other four quilts myself, and I'm looking forward to that, but these two are pretty big to handle myself, and my deadlines are rapidly approaching.

DH is at work, dinner is done and cleaned up, dishwasher running. I finished giving the twins a bath and they are in bed. DD#2 & 3 are home but keeping themselves busy. This is my evening plan. Put that DVD Calendar Girls on, grab my seam ripper and take all the buttons off of those shirts I bought at the thrift store in Flagstaff. I've already done some of them, if I get these finished, I'll be ready to start cutting up the shirts. I'm trying to give myself some down time every day, so I don't get burned out. It's pretty crazy around here!

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