Saturday, July 16, 2011

RRCB is a Top!

I am doing the happy dance tonight! I was moving pretty slow today, but I got the last two borders on RRCB and the top is done! I fussy cut the outside border this morning. I was trying to center those purple medallions in it. I think I did OK, especially considering I had never fussy cut something so long before.

Here is the top spread out on my driveway. We tried putting it on a blanket, but it was bigger than the blanket!

I took a close up of the borders. I really like the double yellow borders. Everyone in this house agreed on the light fabric for the outside border. Now I just have to decide on a binding fabric. This quilt is being sent out for quilting and binding, so I'm finished with it. I was originally going to piece a backing for it, but since the top has so many seams, I decided to buy an extra wide backing.

Tomorrow I start assembling the log cabin quilt. It needs to go out for quilting too, and I want to send them both at once. I'm very anxious to see the log cabin quilt together. Although the quilt is for someone else, the colors are very "me" colors, and I think I'm going to love it.


Angie said...

As I suspected, I love the finished RRCB... for me, your colour/fabric choices are perfect, perfect... just perfect.

Connie said...

Love your RRCB. The colors are marvelous.

Katie M. said...

It gorgeous! I'd bet you're experiencing a great sense of accomplishment about now - and you absolutely should.